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Introductory video!

It's short, clear and descriptive

Sample templates

Try these out and see Kagzaat work its magic!

For Users

Say goodbye to boring paperwork!

Easy to fill forms

All that you need to do

Fill in a set of questions required by the template and Kagzaat will handle all the rest.

Preview before final generation

Ensure everything is fine before accepting

You get an editable window to re-check the generated document and make changes if necessary. These changes might be in terms of formatting, adding clauses etc.

Buy once, use forever

Apart from free forms, we offer paid legal forms too

Not all legal forms are copy and paste are they? Many require calculations, date adjustment, special clauses etc. Kagzaat provides these forms to you for a minimal fee. And once, you've bought the form, you can use it as many times as you like!

Find trustworthy lawyers right from the comfort of your home

We are the search engine for lawyers!

Get in touch if you need trustworthy legal advice on any matter. Our network of lawyers is big and we are sure we can find someone to assist you.

For Lawyers

Create a template once, and let users do the rest!

Intuitive template language

Use a MS-Word like editor for creating your templates

You can add formatting, tables, headings etc right into the template

Loops, Conditionals, Calculations etc

We've automated all the boring parts!

Specify a question once, use its value in multiple places. You can add conditions, min-max range etc to the questions. Conditional questions allow you to specify one master template for all the possible scenarios

Pay as you go!

First 10 documents are free!

Try us out and pay only if you like what you see. There are no commitments and all your data is completely yours.

Sell your templates online

Allow users to access your documents for free or for a small price

Get in touch with users seeking out lawyers for various purposes. Your templates can be used to make a brand name for yourself or as an additional source of income.


We are still in Beta and don't have any pricing plans yet.

Right now, you can only try out the free documents created by us. Give them a spin to know how the Kagzaat experience will feel for your consumers

If you're interested in using Kagzaat yourself, please drop us an email

Early adopters will get very special discounts (aka free long term access)

Did not find what you were looking for?

Get in touch!