General questions
Kagzaat is an online document automation software. In simpler words, Kagzaat assists you in creating amazing automated templates through which you could create highly complex and customized documents.
Suppose your job requires you to periodically create lease or rent agreements. Ordinarily you would require duplicating the old file and replacing the fields with new details but with Kagzaat, you can create one master template and then create new copies by filling in the same input fields. You can send this link to your clients and have them do your work for you!
You are given a Microsoft Word like editor where in you can create your documents from scratch. An Add Question button lets you add questions to your template (the entire process is click based). That's all! When you or another user, uses this template, the responses given to the various questions will be used to generate the final document.
As of now we are still in development phase. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to use Kagzaat on a larger scale basis. We will be glad to assist you for a minimal fee.
Template Editor
As of now, the editor offers the following shortcuts
Function Description Usage Example Usage
Converts an Integer to words {{toWord(Number)}} one thousand
Convert a Multiple choice answer to comma-separated words {{toString(MULT)}} one, two and three
Perform calculation on user input numbers {{RENT * DURATION + RANDOM_NUMBER/ANOTHER_RANDOM_NUMBER + 5}} The appropriate solution
Get date with offset {{DATE}} ; {{DATE + Year/Month/day}} {{DATE + 1/1/1}} (Adds 1 year, 1 month and 1 day to today's date)
Get time with offset {{TIME}}; {{TIME + Hour:Min}} {{TIME + 2:36}} (Adds 2 hours and 36 minutes to form filling time)
If-Else conditional (Else clause is optional) {%(if NUMBER == 42)%} This is printed {%(else)%} This is {%(end)%} Depending on the value of NUMBER either of the two options is printed.
For-loop for multiple choice question {%(for i in USER_INPUT)%} I am using {{i}}. {%(end)%} I am using 1. I am using 2. I am using 3.
Every possible date format in the world! Refer the below table for details. Assume date is 26th November 2015:
Usage Output
{{DATE}} 26/11/2015
{{DATE '%d %b %Y''}} 26 Nov 2015
{{DATE '%d %B %Y'}} 26 November 2015
{{DATE '%m-%d-%Y'}} 11-26-2015
Need any other format? Get in touch! We will help you out!
We would love to! Drop us a mail via the contact page and we will see what we can do.
For now, we are only giving out these many documents for free. If you need more please get in touch. We would love to help you out!
Just give them a link to view the template. However, these responses will be stored briefly, so please make sure to download a copy immediately.